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Brian Stief, CPA CA
Donna Pukarowski
• Warren Karges
• Lauren Stief
• Jeff Hoppe
    • Mann Lake
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We are a team of computer systems specialists. As independent business people, we understand your computer systems needs and also your underlying business needs. Let us bring you innovative, practical solutions.

We are entrepreneurs. We identify with entrepreneurial clients. We deal with productivity opportunities.  We specialize in integrating “off the shelf” software into existing business solutions.

We are networked. For over 21 years we have built up our contacts among businesses.  We have selected team members who combine skills of accounting, project management, custom report programming, network analysis, and listening, into a well tuned group.

We provide support. We service what we sell. As Business Partners with Softrak and we represent Adagio, as well as (still) ACCPAC Plus, PayDirt, TranSendIT, RF Pathways (WMS),  and a number of third party products that integrate with these accounting software solutions.  We create custom reports to your specifications using Crystal Reports.

We have great clients.  Communication and trust are at the heart of solid business relationships.  We appreciate being entrusted by our clients to assist them utilizing our business solutions to ultimately improve their bottom line.

We are located in Waterloo, Ontario, the heart of Canada’s Technology Golden Triangle.  We are proud to be products of our local universities. 

Use our technology solutions to improve your efficiency and productivity, to work smart. Call us today: 1-800-540-3164.  Email

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