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Our Guarantee
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Our Guarantee is based upon a Foundation of Trust.  Below are listed the principles we follow to earn your trust:

  1. We look at your business as if it is our own, and only act with your best intentions in mind. 
  2. We listen to your need, and analyze your processing requirements to the best of our abilities, to maximize the best outcome for your business.
  3. We continue to work with you pro actively and as support is needed, we respond to your priority as best as time permits.
  4. You are the sole judge of our performance.  If there is something we’ve done or failed to deliver that you’re not 100% satisfied with, please let us know and we’ll make every attempt to make amends.

And in return, Your Commitment to Us is Simple:

  1. Working together is growing together.  We need your commitment to follow our recommended solutions to maximize the best outcome for your business.
  2. You will need to share your vision of your company’s direction with complete confidence to us so that we can ensure that we can provide a solution that will meet your expectations for today and the future.
  3. You will need to communicate with us and share your thoughts with us, openly and honestly, even on difficult subject matters.
  4. We are a business but not a bank.  We ask that you commit to timely payment of our invoices within terms.
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