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Adagio is developed by Softrak, a Canadian company. We have been working with Softrak's founding partners for over 16 years.

"We think that Adagio is the best kept secret of accounting software solutions.  Adagio is what ACCPAC  should have done, when they were looking for a windows solution for ACCPAC Plus."  Brian Stief, CA

ACCPAC Plus (now discontinued) and Sage ACCPAC ERP (ACCPAC's Windows Product.)  We have been Certified consultants with ACCPAC since our company’s inception.

QLab Systems Ltd.

QLab Systems has developed a windows based Payroll system called PayDirt.  Over the past 3 years we have worked extensively with Phil McLeod of QLab and the result is a payroll program that is efficient and effective to meet the diverse needs of our clients, say upwards to 1000 employees.

"PayDirt is without question, one of the best Canadian Payroll packages that we have seen on the market.  It is fairly priced, we endorse its use, and PayDirt is now our recommended payroll solution of choice!"  Brian Stief, CA.

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