1-800-540-3164 info@stiefgroup.com

How to Contact Stief Group

How to Contact Stief Group

New to the Group?

Connect with Stief Group to learn about How We Can Help and which Software We Use might be best for you.

Send us a message using this form, or send us an email at info@stiefgroup.com.

Contact Details

630 Riverbend Drive, Suite 104
Kitchener, Ontario  N2K 3S2
Phone: (519) 746-3118  or (800) 540-3164
Email: info@stiefgroup.com

Remote Support

Walk a Stief Group consultant through your software issue over the phone while they connect to your computer and see what you see on your screen.
Many Stief Group clients prefer using Remote Support to connect with Stief Group because it’s easy, fast, and cost efficient.

Please note that Remote Support appointments may incur consulting fees payable to Stief Group.

Instructions for accessing Remote Support:

  1. Call Stief Group’s toll-free number (1-800-540-3164) to discuss the specifics of your issue, or send us an email outlining your issue.
  2. Once you are speaking to a consultant on the phone, click the “Connect To Remote Support Now” button above.
  3. If you don’t already have the Splashtop application downloaded onto your computer, you will be prompted to download it and execute the program; the consultant can walk you through this process if needed.
  4. Once Splashtop is running, a small window will pop up; provide the consultant with the code shown in the pop-up window.
  5. Once the consultant has been given the code, it will take a few seconds for them to connect to your screen.
  6. Walk the consultant through the problem you are experiencing.
Remote Support