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In a move that is sure to improve the overall efficiency of your office, Softrak has released an exciting new product to help users process and save PDF documents. The application, known as Adagio DocStore, is poised to become one of the most significant advancements in Adagio accounting in the past few years.

The value add

What makes Adagio DocStore unique is that it allows users to very easily attach PDFs—documents either created as PDFs originally or scanned versions of printed material—to entries created within most Adagio modules. These files could be vendor invoices, working papers, internal support documents, or contracts, as well as forms and reports generated by posting and printing within Adagio.

In short, using DocStore means that any scanned and attached document can be accessed in multiple modules, such as Adagio PurchaseOrders, Adagio Payables, and even the drill-down linkage of an expense in  Adagio Ledger’s financial reporting.

For Adagio users, this module will soon become an essential component of your accounting software solution because being able to access a digital version of any source document will revolutionize the way you organize your office.

The trifecta of benefits for an Adagio DocStore office. Read on to learn how current Adagio ePrint users can obtain a free license if they switch over to Adagio DocStore before September.

Product availability and pricing

The initial release will focus on DocStore’s use within the Adagio Payables and Adagio Ledger modules with Financial Reporting. Eventually, the application will be rolled out to all modules, including Adagio’s PurchaseOrders, OrderEntry, Receivables, JobCost, and FX Pro.

Link2Systems is currently testing the integration of its own Proof of Delivery (POD) software with the program, which will append signatures and handwritten attachments to the already-scanned PDFs or already-scanned Adagio-generated forms and documents. Link2Systems is also testing the implications of filing PrintBoss document forms within Adagio DocStore. Check back here to learn more about our progress!

According to Adagio’s current testing schedule, DocStore will be available between September and October 2017. The pricing for the module is projected to be $3,840, which includes both the base licensing fee ($3,200) and the first year of the annual software maintenance ($640).

But what about Adagio ePrint?

DocStore will replace an existing Adagio product, ePrint, which up until now has handled the electronic filing of Adagio reports.

As an introductory offer to current ePrint users between now and the end of August, Softrak is offering to replace a user’s existing ePrint licensing with DocStore licensing at no charge, with users only responsible for DocStore’s $640 annual software maintenance fee for upgrades. We cannot recommend this enough to our clients.

If you currently own either the full or subscription licensing of ePrint, you get the new features and functionality of DocStore by default.

For those who do not yet use Adagio ePrint, the cost of the module is $1,920, which includes the $320 annual software maintenance fee. As part of this temporary ePrint promotion, Stief Group will offer the ePrint installation at no additional charge. To be eligible to upgrade your ePrint license to the free DocStore licensing and nearly $2,000 in savings, however, you must have licensed and installed ePrint prior to DocStore’s launch this fall.

System and training requirements

In order to deploy Adagio DocStore at a site, you will need to consider the following:

  • Scanning hardware devices: There will be some hardware, setup and training costs (between $500 and $1,000), but configuration and training for DocStore is not a big job.
  • Setup and training: Costs may be higher depending on how much historical scanning of documents is planned.
  • Licensing: Both DocStore and ePrint use multiuser licencing Adagio Lanpaks as part of the normal processing. This means that if you have multiple users scanning PDFs, this could count against the available Lanpak count. The first user using DocStore is free, and any additional users count against an available multiuser licence.

Another important consideration before shifting to a DocStore system is that the application is designed to help with document storage, easy retrieval, and accessibility. In other words, this is not a solution for relationship approvals where, once a document is scanned, it is automatically sent to the appropriate individuals for approval.

If you want approvals as attachments, you will want to either scan the approved source document or consider implementing Link2Systems’ Proof of Delivery (POD) application, which will attach signatures and attachments to an existing scanned document.

Future Link2Systems integrations

Over at Link2Systems, we are also testing the integration of scanned documents from within our many Link2Systems products into DocStore. Check back for news about our continuous development of Adagio-integrated products!

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