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The Value This Customized Program Added to Our Operation Is Huge

We started working with Stief Group around 2011 when our computer software system crashed and other IT companies told us nothing could be done to fix it. We were looking for help to rebuild our company’s inventory system. We needed a solution that could maintain the integrity of our existing order entry and serialization systems, blending the old technology with the new. Stief Group fixed the problem for us by creating a customized program that kept us moving forward.  The value this customized program added to our operation is huge.

Nature’s Scene is a small, family-owned art wholesale business. When we were looking for a company to help us with our accounting software, we wanted a small, tight-knit team that—like us—was committed to customer service and would come through for us every time. We have not been disappointed. The team is exceptional at getting back to us promptly when we have questions and, after years of working with Stief Group, I feel like I have a relationship with their consultants. They have become essential to our financial management and I wouldn’t go to another provider.

Leslie Rockett, Nature’s Scene

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